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Janet Packer

“I have secondary breast cancer, now in my bones and before I met the Living Well team I was really not moving around much. My Isabel Nurse Specialist Georgina recommended I saw the Hospice physio and I’m so glad I did. I seriously thought I’d never be mobile again and now I’m much more positive. 

In the summer I visited my caravan in Northumberland with my family. When they went out for the day I set myself a goal and walked a mile to the local shop, bought an ice-cream and walked back. When they got back from their day out, I wasn’t there. I texted my daughter from down by the river and said “Guess where I am”. What an achievement! I bought Paula the physiotherapist, a packet of biscuits from Northumberland as a thank you for all her team have done for me. My family were astounded at my achievement. Janet Packer "