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Bed Appeal

Patient beds are vital in our care at our In-Patient Unit. Without them we cannot effectively care for local people with life-shortening diagnoses. 

Can you help us provide them with the care they need?


 The beds were purchased in 2001, and to ensure we meet clinical standards we have repaired and replaced parts over the last 16 years. However, after over a decade, the parts for these beds have been been discontinued. So we are taking this opportunity to invest in new beds with some fantastic features that will benefit our patients and enhance their care.

Our patients' care and well-being relies significantly on their beds, as this is where they spend the majority of their time when at the In-Patient Unit (IPU). Patients admitted to our IPU spend on average 60% of their time in bed, whilst those approaching the end of life spend 100% of their time in bed.

We need 12 new beds, including 2 with a facility to lengthen the beds for taller patients; and we need 6 mattresses of superior quality. The breakdown of this cost can be seen below. 

10 beds (no extension) at £2,505 each
2 bed with extension at £2,636 each
6 specialist mattress at £2,650.50 each

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With our urgent need for new beds, your contribution will help improve patient lives. 

We are looking for 12 donors to fund these 12 beds.

If you can help, please quote "BED APPEAL" in your reason for donation. 

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Alternatively, please contact Rebecca on 01707 382500 or by email.
Thank you.