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Final day of trekking - what a fantastic experience!

by Megan Sparrey | Oct 20, 2017
Our final day trekking.

What a day.

can you see them in the bushes

Another hike up to the wall meant another steep route up and up and up! Today we took a stoney pathway from our guesthouse up through the forest and woodland area. This had a lot of overgrown debris and bushes as well as sharp plants scratching our legs and arms.

going up

We also climbed up and over huge boulders to continue on route until we finally reached the wall 50 minutes later!

through the undergrowth

Here we reached a spot with the most beautiful views overlooking the lake. The section of the wall climbed today was back in Simatai. It was full of overgrown bushes and branches which looked so out of place, overgrown and winding up through cracks and damaged parts of the wall, blocking our pathway. Today we did some of the toughest uphill climbing of the week where we had to use our hips to lean forward and face the floor as we climbed to keep balance.

flat rocks

amazing views over the wall

As some of these non-step pathways were also on our journey back down, many people found themselves on their bottoms again scooting down, afraid of slipping and falling!!

We also encountered a long consistant number of uneven steps, uneven rubble pathways and narrow 3ft wide walkways. As we reached the highest watch tower, 550m high, we had a moment to reflect on our journey this week and give everyone a hug!


seeing the wall from below

From there we followed the route back down and off the wall back to the main road were we stopped off to have a celebratory beer and cheers on what has been a fantastic week! Both hugs and tears were shared and everyone is so grateful to have shared this tough and emotional journey together!

sharon and Lauren

Next stop Beijing.

After another 3 hour minibus journey we are back at our hotel in Beijing ready for a nice long shower to freshen up, pack all our walking gear away and smarten up before heading out for a late night supper!

beer o clock

Its been an incredible 5 days and we certainly will in no doubt sleep well tonight!!