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02 Dec

Bogus Isabel Hospice Collector

Please be aware that we have been informed that a canvasser, CLAIMING to be from Isabel Hospice is going door to door in the Garden House Hospice Care area of Stotfold.

This person is not collecting on behalf of Isabel Hospice or Garden House Hospice Care so please do not give him any money or bank details.

He is described as a white male in his fifties, with salt and pepper hair. He is wearing glasses, smartly dressed in a suit - around 5ft 10”. He has been reported in the Stotfold area of Hertfordshire. This is out of the Isabel Hospice catchment area which is unusual.

He appears to have ID and a clipboard, and is knocking on doors stating he is from Isabel Hospice (He is NOT). He is requesting support to fund 150 Hospice at Home beds, due to a shortage of funds. This is not true.

Both Isabel Hospice and Garden House Hospice Care would like to inform you that we believe that this is fraudulent activity and neither Hospice are fundraising in this manner.

Please do not give your personal details, cash or any payment or banking details to this man.

Isabel Hospice provides free care to those living in eastern Hertfordshire. We do have a genuine Isabel Hospice authorised Lottery canvasser, who signs people up to the Isabel Hospice Lottery door to door, but she does not take cash and carries Isabel Hospice ID with a number to call if you are unsure.

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