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25 Jan

Together We Care - Our 5 year vision

Isabel Hospice unveils 5 year plan to care for

more local people, earlier in their journey

At our recent annual meeting Isabel Hospice unveiled a new Vision and ambitious plans which will see us extending our services to care for significantly more patients and their families over the next five years, and just as importantly to care for them earlier.

Opening up hospice care to more people will help them to live well for longer. Isabel Hospice will offer an expanded Living Well with Isabel programme which will also include caring for a higher percentage of people living with conditions including MND and a terminal lung, kidney or heart condition.

The focus is to significantly increase the number of people that the charity cares for at home, in line with the East and North Herts CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) strategy. Home could be a care or residential home, as well as family living.

Why do Isabel Hospice plan do to this

Elizabeth Paske, Director of Isabel Hospice Clinical Services said “We know that now, for every two people we help, there is a third person who would really benefit from our specialist care.

This gap frustrates us, and we aim to meet the need over the next 5 years by significantly extending our specialist services to help more people. We also know that the population in eastern Hertfordshire is expected to grow in the next 15 years by 70,000 to over 440,000 people and research has shown us that we have an increasingly frail population with over 40% of over 65s living alone.

Today, in eastern Hertfordshire, there are around 700 people a year who are not accessing hospice care who could benefit from it, and the greatest unmet need is for those wanting to be cared for and die at home. Our expanded services will help us deliver more Hospice at Home care.

How will this look as Isabel journey to 2022?

In 2017, 140 people benefited from the Living Well activities and sessions which included exercise and singing groups. By 2022 the Hospice plans to increase this to 500 people and will be opening more Living Well Community Hubs across eastern Hertfordshire which will include Community Cafes. This will give easy access to more people who need Hospice care and they will be able to dip in and out of services, receiving spells of care, as they live with their terminal illness. The Hospice will be encouraging more self-referral to Living Well group sessions and will be reaching out to people with living with diseases other than cancer such as MND. As part of this expansion in services, the Hospice will be employing a new specialist nurse to work with people with heart failure, and an Admiral Nurse for dementia patient care.

Just this week we launched two new sessions, a creative café and Tai Chi.

Last year Isabel Hospice cared for around 1,200 people in their own home. By 2022 the Hospice aims to increase that by 30% to around 1,550. This care will be given by both Isabel Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Hospice at Home team

Robin Webb, Isabel Hospice CEO added “Over the past months we have explored the things that frustrate us a Hospice. These include lack of awareness and understanding of hospice care, late referrals to our services and a lack of honesty in conversations about death and dying.  In response to this, we developed a new dynamic vision for the Hospice which we launched last week.  Our vision is of a world where communities talk openly about death and dying. Everyone lives life to the full and dies with dignity in the place of their choice, knowing their loved ones are supported. Our key strategic themes are more, earlier, educate and collaborate. These 4 themes will inform and drive our work for the next five years.

We hope our communities will respond to our new vision by continuing to support us in their fundraising activities and with their donations and support in our shops. We recognise the enormous demands on NHS funding and while we will work in partnership with the CCG to identify potential funding for specific projects, we plan to invest significantly in our fundraising and retail income streams to fund these ambitious plans, including opening 10 new shops in the next 5 years.

We would like to thank all those who have supported the Hospice in the past, and will be relying on the support of our local community to help us fund the plans we have outlined here.”

To read in detail about the income generation plans go to  Together We Care - our 5 year strategy.