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14 Dec

Puzzle Time!

Looking something fun to do with your family and friends this Christmas?!

We’ve got the perfect puzzle for you all to enjoy! 'Happy Families' is a problem solving, brain teasing puzzle with a prize of £25 up for grabs!

There is a small entry fee of £1, but if you enjoy the puzzle, additional donations would be greatly appreciated! Even if you do not manage to solve all the clues please do send in your entry. If your score is on the low side, many others may have done no better and each un-submitted entry means that not only have you had your fun for nothing but also, there will be less to donate to the Hospice.

Please feel free to to take copies for friends or relations who wish to have a go! However, the puzzle should not be reproduced for any other purpose, charity or otherwise, without our written permission.

Download the Puzzle here:


Thank you so much for taking part, we hope you enjoy it!