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07 Oct

Harry Wins at the Heart Hero Awards!

"It was the best day of my life"

We were absolutely delighted to have two finalists, Harry Sanderson (Child of Courage) and Sophie Bacon (Fundraiser of the Year) in the Heart Hertfordshire Hero Awards. We’re delighted to say that Harry WON his category, Child of Courage. Harry’s Dad Gary said he was very proud of Harry.

Harry was nominated after he spoke at his Mum’s funeral, age just 9, following her death at our In-Patient Unit last year, when she was 45.

(Harry with his Heart Hertfordshire Hero award)

Harry’s Dad had said to Harry, that speaking at the funeral would be the hardest thing he’d ever have to do. Harry told the mourners his mum held a special place in his heart, and without her it is a place of emptiness and he felt alone.

He said he was sorry he couldn’t say goodbye, but he hoped she felt it and that time spent with her was perfect, as was she. Harry was with her when she died and got her last words ‘Oh Baby’ which made him feel happy and sad at the same time. At that point he felt he had two options, to scream or drink a soup bowl full of tea! He chose the tea.

Following his Mum’s death, Harry and his little brother Jack have benefited immensely from the support of Isabel Hospice bereavement team. Harry was brave enough to make a video to go on social media in the run up to Mother’s Day to tell other children that it is ok to feel down because when someone you love dies, it’s a hard thing to go through.

On winning the award, Harry said it was the ‘best day of his life’Congratulations again to Sophie and Harry for being shortlisted and to Harry for winning.