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25 Oct

New Hatfield House Lights of Love Ceremony

Lights of Love Hatfield

Thursday 5th December at 6pm
Hatfield House, Hatfield, AL9 5NB

We are launching a new venue this year for our Hatfield ceremony. Heather West, Legacy and In Memoriam Manager said:

“Lights of Love is a key moment in our year. It is a time for our communities to come together, to take strength from sharing feelings of loss and remembrance – and to take part in a ceremony that celebrates the time we spent with those who were so precious to us. Hatfield House is a beautiful new setting we are looking forward to welcoming our bereaved families on Thursday 5th
 December at 6pm. As in past years we will also be holding a ceremony in Welwyn Garden City, on the Green by Campus West on 24th November.”

One family who draws comfort from Lights of Love is that of Sharon Church, who will be remembering her beloved Mum, Jean Stokes, and attending Lights of Love with her brother, Phil and two grandchildren, Ophelia and Ziggy.

Sharon said “Mum would have really enjoyed Lights of Love if she had been alive, so we love going along to light a light in her memory.  “Isabel Hospice made such a difference to us all at the end. Mum had recovered from breast cancer in 1999 but in 2015, following the discovery of a rash on her chest, we had the worst news that it had returned. It took such a hold of Mum, and she spent a lot of time in and out of hospital. Eventually, when we knew there was no more time, we asked for Mum to go to Isabel Hospice.

My sister, Kirstine came over from Australia and it was such a relief to have her out of hospital and in Isabel. We could visit whenever we liked. Whenever we felt the need to see Mum, we could walk over there, we live so close. My granddaughter who was 15 months at the time could trundle around and that would never have been possible in hospital.

“Mum’s room opened up on the quad garden. It was summer and just so lovely to have that opportunity to be together as a family in the garden. The therapists came in to her room, and gave her a massage, they made sure her room was full of fragrance and everyone was so kind and knowledgeable.

“Lights of Love is all about the community coming together and sharing at what is such a special time of year for families. You feel the loss more in the run up to Christmas as it is a time when families should be together. It feels special to be there and we are pleased to donate to Isabel in Mum’s name.“

Heather West added “This year, the Lights of Love ceremony will have a programme with every name of every person being remembered printed inside. The programme will be available for loved ones to take away with them as a memento of the event. All dedications should be made by 8th November.

This year we’ll be holding seven separate ceremonies around our communities – to allow everyone the chance to attend.All ceremonies are suitable for the whole family. There will be some seating available for those who need it. We’ll provide an art table for the children, where 
they can get crafty creating things that will be special for and after the ceremony."