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Instead of wedding gifts, Charlie and I are asking guests to donate to Isabel Hospice in memory of my mum Lorna...



Instead of wedding gifts Charlie and I would like to invite you to donate to Isabel Hospice.

Isabel Hospice are based in Welwyn Garden City and provide free end-of-life care and support for patients and their families living with life-limiting illnesses. We chose Isabel Hospice in memory of my mum, Lorna Holdø, as they took fantastic care of her in her final weeks.

When my mum discovered that her cancer was terminal, one of the things that she was most upset about was that she would never see me get married. My mum won’t be there on my wedding day but in her memory we would like people to donate to Isabel Hospice to support the amazing work they do and so they can continue to be able to provide amazing care to people living with a terminal diagnosis.

Thank you!

Vicki and Charlie

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