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Children & Young People's Bereavement Support

Young people like adults sometimes need that bit of extra support during stressful times and living with someone in the family with a life limiting illness or being bereaved may be one of those times.

At times it might be difficult to know how it’s best to help children or young people. It can be hard to know what to say to them about what’s happening as there might be concerns of saying the ‘wrong’ thing, of making things worse, or feelings of trying to protect them from sadness and pain.

Each child is different

How each child or young person copes with the illness or bereavement will be different from child to child. There will be various factors that impact on their emotional wellbeing; for instance the relationship with the person that is ill or has died; their peer support network; if the bereavement means that they will have to move school, or that they have to go and live with another family member; together with other losses they may have experienced.