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Spiritual Care

Everyone is welcome in our Hospice whatever their belief or faith perspective.

The Chaplaincy Service is available to all patients, families and carers of any or no faith, as well as for those who are unsure what they believe. We seek to be here for you and your family as a supportive presence in the way that is right for you.

When there is a diagnosis of serious illness in the family, uncertainty, anxiety and concerns about the future may be present. At such times we may also become more aware of spiritual issues – what helps us to cope when life is hard, what gives our lives meaning and purpose? There may be “why?” questions, hopes, fears or regrets which are important to voice and perhaps to explore. Whatever is important for each individual person matters to us!

Chaplaincy can offer pastoral and spiritual support which may include:

  • A listening ear for you for your worries or concerns.
  • Space to talk about your life story and hear what is important to you at this time.
  • A quiet time of prayer and/or a sacramental ministry at the bedside in our in-patient unit
  • Contact with specific faith representatives at your request
  • Support if you wish to practice your faith or spiritual tradition

The Chaplaincy offers a weekly session on a Wednesday afternoon in the Hospice In-Patient Unit at at 3pm. The various sessions include either an opportunity to listen to music, an informal service, or a time of led meditation. Everyone is welcome!

Who we are

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of a Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain together with access to chaplaincy contacts for all the major faiths. We seek to respect and honour each individual’s race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation and culture and hope to support you in the best way for you. You don’t have to have a religious faith to talk to a Chaplain!

You are very welcome to have your own minister or community faith leader visit you during your stay in our In-Patient Unit.

Details of how to access the Chaplaincy Service

To access the Chaplaincy service please speak with a member of staff on duty at the In-Patient Unit or Day Services or phone 01707 382500.

The Chaplaincy service is available between 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday.

We will always try our best to contact a Chaplain at weekends, if the need is urgent.