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Charlotte Carder

1 in 3 people over the age of 75 are developing Dementia

Here at Isabel Hospice we recently expanded our care to people living with the disease. This is Charlotte, she started as our Admiral Nurse in September 2018, specialising in dementia and palliative care.


Charlotte said: 

"After 16 years at West Herts NHS Trust, where I helped to open their first dementia ward and managed a large elderly care ward I am delighted to be transferring my skills to a Hospice environment and feel I am making a positive impact to patients with dementia and their families.

The people I see have a primary diagnosis of dementia and I am able to give them and their family advice on diet, symptom control, distraction techniques, psychological support and signpost them to other services both at the Hospice and externally.

I’m keen to dispel the myth that Hospices only care for people with cancer. With more people being affected by Dementia, Admiral Nurses really can make a difference both at the onset of diagnosis and at the end of someone’s life.

When someone has dementia, both the patient and the carer can become a prisoner in their own home. It is incredibly isolating, and the carer can grieve for the person they love twice, once when they lose the person they love because of the disease, and then again when they die.

With Isabel Hospice I am there for them when it really matters. When life is really tough, I am at the end of the phone, and that feels very rewarding.

The daughter of one of my patients said:
“You do all you say on the tin, having help when we really needed it, however small has made everything that bit easier. – so many people could learn from you.""