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Fatigue and Breathlessness 

Fatigue and breathlessness are common problems for those cared for by Isabel Hospice. This course helps to equip those attending with the understanding and tools to manage these difficult symptoms.

Anyone known to Isabel Hospice including relatives or friends who wish to support you are able to attend the sessions. If you are concerned about fatigue or breathlessness, no matter how mild or severe your symptoms are now, you are encouraged to join, your needs will be reviewed prior to the start of the group.

There are five sessions spread over 5 weeks, with each session lasts 1 1/2 hours.Part of each session will cover a different topic to help you manage your condition, and also involve gentle exercises; you are encouraged to participate within your own limits. There will also be some relaxation and a chance to meet various professional members of the team.

To register your interest with us, call 01707 38250 or email.

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