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Patient & family stories

In this section some of our patients and their families share their experiences of the way in which Isabel Hospice has cared for them: at home, in our In-Patient Unit, or at our Day Services.

  • Olly 3

    Ollie's Story

    The nurses were never more than a phone call away. Their help and knowledge were amazing and lifted the pressure on our family immensely.

  • Margaret - website - cs page 2

    Margaret's Story

    For a woman as active as Margaret, being diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease has had a life changing effect on her.

  • Jerry - website

    Jerry's Story

    When Jerry was seen by the Hospice nurse, he thought he was on his last legs… literally!

  • 20190523_194543

    Pat's Story

    Pat Bines was a brave, adventurous, inspirational man.

  • 61687745_2158752080840417_2335374053289754624_n

    Jack's Story

    Nine year old Jack talks about his dad Paul, who died in 2017 under our care, and shows us his memory box, where he keeps ...

  • thumbnail_IMG_97762

    Neil's Story

    Neil had Motor Neurone Disease (MND) since 2013 but Amanda, his wife, only discovered this after his death, when clearing out the garage and found ...