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Patient & family stories

In this section some of our patients and their families share their experiences of the way in which Isabel Hospice has cared for them: at home, in our In-Patient Unit, or at our Day Services.

  • adrian web

    Adrian's Story

    Isabel Hospice took me under their wing

  • Alan Living Well

    Alan's Story

    Coming to the Hospice is the highlight of my week!

  • Natasha Living Well

    Natasha's Story

    When I was rejected for a lung transplant, I was in a dark place. The Hospice is now helping me more than I imagined.

  • frank o rourke 1

    What Laura and Emma have to say

    They made him feel like he was a person, not a patient

  • zaralouisedavid

    Louise and Zara's Story

    It sounds strange when I tell people, but Isabel Hospice really did help me, help David have a ‘nice’ death.