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Margaret's Story

For a woman as active as Margaret (75), being diagnosed with Interstitial lung disease (ILD) has had a life changing effect on her. “I was so active before this disease, I didn’t have time to notice how laboured my breathing had become. I was cycling, doing yoga, swimming, rambling, and walking. You name it, I did it, both me and Ron my husband were fitness fanatics. Then this….

Sometimes just going from the sofa to the bathroom leaves me breathless for minutes. It is so frightening. The fungus in my lungs just makes it impossible for me to do anything I did before. That is where Isabel Hospice stepped in.

I went along to the Fatigue and Breathlessness course in Waltham Cross. They got my mind and my body working together with each other. I can do gentle exercise, which I just love, as it is all seated, and light. Isabel has taught me that although I get out of breath, I can control it. I was so frightened my anxiety controlled everything and I found it hard not to panic. But now I can control it, and getting out to the Isabel Living Well centre has just lifted my mood. It helps me relax and I feel so much better afterwards.

My husband Ron is paralysed from the knees down after a terrible accident. He brings me along, and it is a chance for him to chat to other people too. It saves us sitting at home and just getting tetchy with each other!

The staff are more than just people who work for Isabel Hospice, they are like friends. They make you feel so welcome and I’d recommend the Hospice to anyone. Let them help you. Anyone can die of anything at any time. Let Isabel help you live!

Margaret died on 7th September 2019

Her daughter Debbie told us “Mum had great comfort from the Isabel Living Well group and it make a positive impact on her las weeks. Like many others, she was unaware of the various things Isabel could offer people like mum and Isabel prepared her for the end, without making her afraid of it. I’m so grateful.”

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