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Grand Occasion

Marion Dunne, from Watton-at-Stone was the first winner of our draws £1,000 top prize in 2015. There are now over 6800 players every week, three times as many as when it was launched in 1995. The Lottery generates over £230,000 each year towards helping to care for people with life-limiting illnesses in East Herts, Broxbourne and Welwyn Hatfield and their families.

Mrs Dunne, 58 said: "My mother-in-law was cared for in the hospice a few years ago and I saw for myself what an amazing job all the staff do. It's a very worthwhile cause and deserves support. When I won the £1,000 I was very surprised and had to count the zeros to check I was reading it correctly". Our Lottery Manager, Lisa Archer said: "We're very grateful to people like Mrs Dunne. We have 27 othercash prizes each week, too, and some of our £1,000 winners have won the prize more than once."