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Ted's Story

As Ted Prosser (82) slipped slowly away, Isabel Hospice Clinical Nurse Specialist, Wendy asked him if there anyone else he wanted to see before he died. Ted’s daughter had died in an accident a few years earlier and Ted was looking forward ‘to being with her again’, but one of his last wishes was to cuddle with his great granddaughter, Bonnie Blue.

Five month old Bonnie Blue was brought up to Ted’s bedroom and placed in his arms. ‘Bonnie Blue doesn’t settle easily, she wakes at the slighted noise and is a real fidget’ explained Ted’s main carer Irene. ‘When we placed Bonnie Blue next to Ted she just snuggled up and slipped her hand into Ted’s. Suddenly there was a loud noise outside, which normally would have meant she would startle and cry, but no, she just stayed asleep. I was the most moving thing I’ve ever seen.”

Wendy explained “Barbara, Ted’s wife has dementia and it was really important to the family that Ted was able to die at home and so we worked to make that happen. Ted had opted not to have treatment for his cancer, so he had quality time with this family. Barbara was able to see Ted every day, and was asleep with him when he died on 5th February. She was able to be part of his care and we think this will make it easier for her in the grieving process. “

Irene added “It was the most peaceful death with a wonderful atmosphere, and everything we could have asked for. Wendy was one of Ted’s angels and the backbone for the family. Her attitude was light and playful and we couldn’t have wished for a better person to be with us as Ted was in his final days.“