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Our Services

We have a wide range of services available for patients, their families and carers.

Community Palliative Care Team

Our community palliative care team assess all referrals and signpost to the most relevant service either within the charity or other primary care providers.

We provide 7 days a week cover which includes triaging calls at the weekend and where relevant doing home assessments for urgent symptom management and end of life care. Out of hours calls are triaged by trained palliative care nurses and doctors in the In-Patient Unit.

Hospice at Home Rapid Response Team

Hospice at Home offers practical nursing care to patients in their own homes, often avoiding the need for admission to hospital or to the In-Patient Unit. This may include personal care, advice on symptom control as well as emotional and practical support.

Palliative Care Support Workers (PCSW) are available 7 days/week between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. They offer short visits to help with personal care and carer support in the patient’s home in a period of crisis, or help patients remain at home at the end of life. We can offer a limited overnight service between the hours of 10.00 pm and 7.00 am.

In-Patient Unit

Our In-Patient Unit is a 12 bed short stay specialist palliative care unit which provides multi-disciplinary care to patients with a life-limiting illness. Patients can be admitted for symptom management or end of life care from home or directly from hospital.

Medical Team

The medical team will see the patient wherever it is needed; be it at our In-Patient Unit, the patient’s home, in our day service and is happy to support primary care teams with patients who do not fulfil criteria for full hospice involvement but who still have symptoms where a second opinion from a specialist is desirable. For example, this may be for patients who are receiving chemotherapy with curative attempt but suffer from side effects or patients with other difficult to manage symptoms, such as pain.

Supportive Therapy Team

The role of the supportive therapy team is to support patients to live as well as possible despite their illness. This is achieved by helping patients manage some of the consequences of illness and treatment such as;

Physical deconditioning, weakness, lack of mobility, inability to carry out everyday tasks, fatigue, breathlessness, excessive swelling (lymphoedema), problems with sleeping, some aspects of pain, some aspects of anxiety and distress.

Living Well with Isabel

Our Living Well services offer a variety of options to support our patients and those close to them when living with serious, long term or life limiting conditions. We run a variety of groups, sessions and courses designed to advise and support them to best cope with the consequences of living with their condition.