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Make a dedication

You are invited to join us to remember your loved ones and reflect on the happy memories you shared with beautiful handcrafted metal forget-me-not flowers. 

Please join us on Saturday 15th June at 3pm at Van Hage Garden Centre to view the stunning art installation of forget-me-not flowers. Dedicate a forget-me-not for a suggested donation of £35. You can dedicate in memory of anyone special to you, they do not need to have been cared for by Isabel Hospice. 

After the ceremony you are invited to collect your custom made flower to take home and place in your own garden as a lasting tribute for many years to come. Don't worry if you are unable to attend our ceremony, you can collect your flower from our head office after the 15th June!

Please note: No photos or messages will be on the forget-me-not flower, but you will receive a personalised certificate with your flower and photos and messages can be left here, on our website for you to view.

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