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We rely on the generosity of people like you, your help is invaluable to us. Without amazing people like you, we couldn’t be there for so many families through their toughest time and support them when a loved one is dealing with a terminal diagnosis.

Whether you’re part of a Community Group, a School or University  or you're interested in setting up a Fundraising Group there are a variety of ways to support us. You can also find out more about our upcoming Community Initiatives below.

Bin the Booze!

bin the booze

Don’t miss out on your chance to become a Hospice Hero and take on the ultimate test of willpower. Take a break from the booze, be alcohol free for one month and raise money for your local Hospice.

By not having your 5 BEERS or WINES on a Friday night over the month, you could save A SHOCKING £69, donate this amount and help us to carry on providing our specialist care to our patients.

BUT it doesn't cost a penny to sign up, how do I raise money?!

·  Donate your saved beer or wine money – we are sure it will soon add up…
·  Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in your challenge, allow them to wind you up on the odd occasion
·  Be a designated driver and ask for a donation
·  Get creative and hold a mini fundraiser to boost your fundraising, an office sweepstake, a coffee and cake morning
·  Raise sponsorship and Set up your Just Giving Page
·  Download your sponsorship form

Don’t worry we will send weekly motivation blogs, to keep you on track and oh, don't forget the health benefits of going dry too! We can’t wait to hear from you! Contact Community Fundraiser, Laura Pigott by email for more information or to sign up.

£50 Schools seed money challenge

Chauncy School

Take part in the Isabel Hospice £50 Schools Challenge, and harness those budding entrepreneurial skills whilst supporting your local hospice!

If we give your school £50 and four months…how much can you give us back? This year we are looking for schools across Eastern Hertfordshire take part in our £50 Schools Challenge and see how much you can raise for Isabel Hospice.

It’s simple – we’ll give your school £50 and you have four months to turn it into even more! Come up with your own fundraising ideas and organise activities to grow your money and help us to continue caring for the families who depend on us.

This is a great opportunity for students to develop vital business skills, and is a fantastic addition to CV’s and university applications. Will you take up the Chestnut’s £50 Schools Challenge? Our Community Fundraiser would love to chat to you! Contact Laura by calling 01707 38253 or email.

World Cup Sweep Stake


With the World Cup taking place in June, we thought it would be a great idea, to get our top supporters involved in our new sweepstake fundraiser.

How it works:
Join in the 2018 FIFA World Cup spirit by taking part in our World Cup Charity Sweepstake. It's a fun way to add a bit of competitive spirit to the tournament while also raising money for a special charity, that is providing care for local people in Hertfordshire.

·  Most importantly - Isabel Hospice, provides everything!  - The Team sheet and the Wallchart
·  £3 per person to play
·  Choose a team -  cut out all the team names, fold them in half and place them inside an envelope.
·  Simply ask everyone to pull a team name out of the envelope and their chosen team will be their Sweepstake country for the World Cup!
·  Winner wins – e.g. a bottle of wine, half a day of annual leave – be as creative as you like!
·  Collect all the entry money and donate this to Isabel Hospice

Too many teams, not enough staff? Ask people if they would like to better there odds and pay for a second chance, or open up the guest list and get family and friends to choose the additional teams. After the event receive a thank you letter and special World Cup certificate!

If you are intrigued and you would like to take part, then please let us know by contacting the team by email or calling 01707 382500.