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Why Make a Will

A Will is one of the greatest gifts you can leave to your loved ones.  You can make your wishes clear and at a time when your family may be in distress, a Will can be very reassuring for them, making them confident in the knowledge they are carrying out your wishes.

By not making a Will, you are in danger of the people closest to you being left with complicated legal and financial issues. If you live with a partner and are not married, you do not automatically inherit their Estate, even if you have children together, unless you make your wishes clear in a Will. 

Why leave a gift to Isabel Hospice

Gifts in Wills help us to ensure that we can continue to provide our services, free of charge, across eastern Hertfordshire. Your gift will also enable us to innovate new services and to grow as a charity.

Without the money we get from gifts in Wills, we simply could not provide the range of services to local people that we do. For a breakdown of where your money would go, please see Where your money goes.