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Climb Everest - 58,000 steps

Become a Hero at Home for Isabel and climb the formidable Mount Everest!

Are you tough enough to take on Everest? One of the hardest challenges in the world, take it on from the comfort of your own home!

Take on the challenge at home on your stairs or up a local hill, or even walking on the flat as a time trial.

Stairs at home – The average staircase is 13 steps, this amounts to an incredible 4,461 trips up the stairs. Not a challenge for the faint of heart (or knees!).

Up a hill – Take the challenge on by walking up and down a hill in your local area.

Walk it  – Take it at your own pace or see how fast you can complete it.

Sign up to this event on JustGiving and share your updates and progress with your friends on social media (make sure you tag us in!), fundraise and have fun!

Please follow the latest guidelines and information from the government before taking part.

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How your money can help…

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