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Play the Isabel Hospice Weekly Lottery!

By signing up, you're making a huge difference to local people and their families living with a life-limiting illness across eastern Hertfordshire.

From just £1 a week, you could win the top prize of £1,000 or one of 37 other amazing cash prizes every week. Once you're a member, you’ll also be entered into our annual Superdraws (Summer and Christmas), where you could walk away with a top prize of £4,000!

You could be a winner! There are two ways to sign up...

Debit Card     Direct Debit 

Lottery Disclaim

Please note - We cannot accept credit card payments for our lottery.

Every Friday afternoon, someone wins the jackpot! 37 other lucky people win one of our other cash prizes ranging from £100 to £10. What a great way to start the weekend!