The Isabel Office Games - Isabel Hospice

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Compete in a series of 11 hilarious office based challenges between 26th July – 9th August while supporting the vital care that Isabel Hospice provides in eastern Hertfordshire!

What is The Isabel Office Games?

The Isabel Office Games is a series of activities and games which can take place within an office or similar setting. Competitors earn points by winning bronze, silver and gold, and the top 3 competitors from each participating office will be entered into a prize draw.

We have provided a resource guide which includes 11 different hilarious office based challenges. The resource guide also includes a suggested timeline, as well as suggested donations to take part in each event.

Create a JustGiving page for your organisation to either be paid in a lump sum, or by each individual as they partake in each event.

Create your JustGiving page here: The Isabel Office Games