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In-Patient Care

What can I expect from the In-Patient Unit?

Our In-Patient Unit is a 12 bed short stay specialist palliative care unit which provides multi-disciplinary care to patients with a life-limiting illness. Patients are admitted to the In-Patient Unit for various reasons; you may come for a few days to help control difficult symptoms or find it a safe haven in which to be cared and comforted, for end of life care. We admit patients from both home or directly from hospital.

What is the In-Patient Unit like?

The unit has both single bedrooms and bays and you will be allocated one of these according to nursing need, preference and bed availability. You will be cared for by our specialist team which include nursing, medical and supportive therapy staff.

In addition to patient rooms, there is a lounge with a television, children’s area and garden. These are communal areas for both patients and their families to use. There are activities that you can take part in alone, such as a range of music CDs and books that can be borrowed, or with others, such as a craft group.

How long can I expect to remain an in-patient?

The In-Patient Unit is mainly a place for short periods of care, therefore discharge planning starts quite soon after admission. The multi-professional team will review your care regularly and aim to enable your symptoms to be managed at home. If this is not possible we will, in consultation with you and your carers, arrange for you to be transferred to a care home.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring in your own toiletries, nightwear, slippers and day clothes. Unfortunately, we cannot launder clothes, so please make arrangements with family or friends to do this for you.

We request that valuable items are not brought in as we are unable to take responsibility for them. However, we would encourage you to bring in any personal possessions which are important to you such as photos or ornaments.

Please also bring in with you the medicines that you are taking, as this helps us to make sure that we have an up to date view of your medicines.